Comments by Jatmn:
This is one of the very first reviews I ever recorded for YouTube, to say I am kind of embarrassed watching it is an understatement.
Boy did my style change over the few years I did content on YouTube, maybe one day I will reboot this series? Who knows?

Video Description:
This is the first episode of my new series "IBT" or "I Bought This" which will feature 3D Printing filaments and various 3D Printing products that..
well.. I Bought it, so you did not have to.

This episode is on Filaments and today's brand is FoxSmart. Was "The FoxSmart"? Well.. we will see...

Spoiler / Follow Up:
The Filament wasn't very good, It had horrible layer bonding properties.
So while the prints looked great, it was completely useless for any sort of functional print at all.
It also appears within a year or so after this video came out FoxSmart discontinued selling Filament completely?
In fact, at the time of this blog post, the main website just has a page that says "This website is currently unavailable". 
So maybe the company closed down completely? Who knows??

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